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Michela H.

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Dog Sitter/Overnight Boarding

  • Tiere:
  • Typ: Express PetSitting/ Pet Day Care/ Pet Sitting/ Vacation Replacement
  • Ort: 8908 Hedingen, Switzerland
  • Verfügbarkeit: Overnight Stay
  • Mobil: Yes
  • Lohn: By arrangement


My name is Michela, i am a dog mom to Nico my 10 year old maltese and a Business owner. I live in a 3 1/2 bedroom apartment in Hedingen with my boyfriend and Nico. Around where i live there is a lot of green fields and fun trails to take walks and play. Since very young i always had a special love for dogs, i admire their unconditional love and loyalty and i believe there is nothing else like it. At home Nico and the puppies i look after are treated like family, the dogs are allowed to walk freely around the apartment unless the owners have specific rules such as : no jumping on the sofa, no sleeping in the bedroom etc.

All dogs must be trained to pee and potty outside no wee wee pads. If your puppy is still young I do understand that accidents can happen.

The dogs are taken out 4-5 times a day.

I do take dogs for overnight stay but there is never more than 3 dogs here at a time.

In case of overnight boarding you need to provide me with: Bowls, Leash&Collar, Crate/Bed, Toys, Food, Treats and any medication. I do ask that you please write me a list of Do’s and Dont’s ( rules and/or things to watch out for)

I look forward in meet you and your puppy

Until then, have a WAG-ULOUS Day !


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